Where do souls go?

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Dear Rabbi,

Where does the righteous soul go when it parts the body and where does the unrighteous soul go when it parts the body?



Dear Yonis,

Thanks for your question. Where souls go depends on many things. In general we all go back to the Infinite. That’s the short answer. To add more detials though, a completely righteous soul can go straight to oneness with God. A rightesous soul, however, may have a some blemeishes that prevent this. ivermectina capsulas In that case a soul with blemishes will need cleansing (something like purgatory), and the soul will be worthy of then being with God. (Sometimes a soul is brought back for another life into this world, and that’s a separate topic. ivermectin 12 mg coronavirus ) An unrighteous soul may have more cleansing and when cleansed, may have only a small portion of bliss, so to speak, or closeness to God, in the next world. Or, potentially the soul is so unrighteous that it should just disappear. And if a person reaches a higher level of righteousness while alive, they have created a closer oneness with the Infinite for the next world. ivermectin better orally or injection in digs In other words, to the extent you make yourself holy in this word, this is magnified in the next.

Until the world reaches its final stage, all righteous souls exist in a temporary type of “heaven”, until a future date at which time the full and permanent spiritual bliss is realized.