What the World Is Not Telling You

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To even view the world as your main source of information is a drastic mistake.  This is the way most people walk through life.  They absorb information from the people they are surrounded by.  They learn to look at life through the eyes of others.  Rare is the one who looks at life and has an independent view of things.  We may have fleeting moments of individuality or thoughts that buck the mainstream attitude, but they fade when facing the opposition of the masses.

Many a strange person with wild ideas may be saved by this function of human nature.  But it also has a down side.  We may be swept up by the tide of ignorance, apathy or immorality.  Mankind is drawn after the ideas and attitudes of those around us.  If our society says it’s wrong to kill off unwanted children, we will tend to agree.  If our society condones it, we will tend to agree. This quirk of humanity helps explain why some societies have done things in the past that modern man is astonished by.  There was a time period when dueling was done as a sport.  People ended up dead for no reason whatsoever.  There was a time period when dueling was done for honor, not sport, but people ended up dead for an insufficient reason.  Now we look back on these time periods curiously wondering what they were thinking.

Another question that is explained is why people usually end up believing the religion they are born into.  Those born into Buddhist families and societies tend to believe in and follow Buddhism.  Those born into Catholicism tend to be Catholic, etc.  Even with the most important things, like our philosophy of life itself, we tend to be sheep.

Why don’t we want to think for ourselves?

The answer to this lies in a deep mystical fact that is the backbone of a deeper line of thinking about our world and why God created us.

* Whatever is a direct link to the Creator, whatever is a powerful tool to connect with the Infinite Being, is in our grasp yet being pulled away from us at the same time.  Whatever is the greatest avenue to G-d, causes the greatest pull inside us to move away form it.*

For example, it’s so open and obvious to all that we should love humanity and remove whatever impediments to the happiness of mankind that exist.  We should all unite to conquer oppression, starvation, and ignorance.  But there is a drive inside man to say,“ What can little old me do about these big issues?”  “Why should I bother?” “People will make fun of me, call me naïve, and say ‘Who are you to solve the world’s problems?’” Etc. Etc. Etc.

We’re all a little bit mishugah (crazy).  And one of the most all encompassing crazinesses of ours is the lack of a desire to think.  In other words, to think independently means you have to think!  Man will do many things to avoid the necessity to think, even when it means grave consequences.  Imagine a suicide bomber saying to himself,“ Hmm I wonder why the Jews feel they have a right to live in Arab land.  Maybe I’ll have a dialog with a few of them to get their point of view.”  He’d never think this.  It’s been ingrained in a terrorist’s mind what the cause he’s fighting for and why it’s worth dying for.  It would
take some real thinking on his part to question what those around him are vehemently saying.

I’m not suggesting that the masses are always wrong, but there is a good reason why after all these years mankind still doesn’t have it’s act together.  There’s a reason why after all these years the messiah still hasn’t arrived.

Of course, most groups say that the reason the world’s messed up is because the rest of you guys don’t think like “us”.

Think about it.