ResizeImageHandler“A Map of the Universe: An introduction to the study of Kabbalah”

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Rabbi Weiman’s fascinating ebook

“Cycle of Influence: Kabbalah and Astrology
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Did you know that the Passover lamb is symbolic of the sign of Aries, and the Twelve Tribes of Israel are related to the zodiac’s Twelve Constellations? Find out about many of the hidden references to Astrology there are in the Bible, and how to resolve the conflict between these references and the prohibition on consulting an astrologer in Rabbi Weiman’s fascinating book Cycle of Influence.  Few scholars have been able to tackle this difficult subject, and no one has ever explained it so clearly that even a novice can understand.

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Man is a Microcosm of the Universe

Rabbi Weiman’s famous class is an audio version of the first chapter of his book A Map of the Universe: An Introduction to the Study of Kabbalah.  It is a mind expanding experience that broadens your understanding, and increases your appreciation of the importance of Man in the world.

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