Shevat – Be specific

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The month of Shevat on the Hebrew calendar has started and contains some powerful things. الكازينو في السعودية We have the special day called Tu B’Shevat smack dab in the middle of the month. And the astrological sign associated with Shevat is called Aquarius. In Hebrew, the word is not Aquarius but d’li, water bucket.

A water bucket is symbolic of the vessel that fills with wisdom and pours it out for others. يورو اوروبا 2024 Water is often used as an analogy for Torah or wisdom. Will you absorb some wisdom this month to share with others?

A water bucket is also an object with a distinct and specific function. This possibly hints to something the sages recommend in a variety of ways, that in order to accomplish your goal, you need to be specific, direct, and focused.

When you have one focus, the obstacles you meet along the way are challenges that you are motivated to overcome. You will be less inclined to get down in the dumps over life’s minor setbacks. Because you have a focus and a goal. لعبة الدومينو المصرية اون لاين

Sometimes, we even welcome challenges to our goal because they allow us to invigorate ourselves and recharge our batteries. Sometimes, like a football player running downfield, there is a thrill in the challenge. It can be fun. If you play a game like football, you want to win, but you don’t want it to be too easy. A group of grown-ups wouldn’t enjoy beating a group of fourth graders; there’s no challenge. Often the thought of dealing with challenges and overcoming them is even more pleasurable than reaching the goal.

Winter is a time when we are sort of forced indoors. This encourages us to introspect. Introspection can lead to increased motivation and energy to accomplish what you want.

Focus on one energizing goal. We can learn from everyone, even Hitler. When he started out in politics he had one overwhelming goal, to abolish the Treaty of Versailles. This was his passion and focus more than anything else. He accomplished his goal.

Pick a goal you’re passionate about. Be specific. See what happens.

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