Post-Election Stress Syndrome

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(Happiness is yours for the taking)
As we’ve mentioned before, your happiness cannot be dependent on anything external or else you are completely dependent. Happiness must be generated from inside. Whether or not the candidate you voted for won, and whether or not the President lives up to your expectations cannot define your happiness. You must be above it all. When the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series many people went out into the streets to celebrate. You can be happy the team you associate yourself with wins, but the truth is that you aren’t the team. You didn’t play the game. Most of the teammates aren’t even from Philadelphia or even Pennsylvania. For many the joy comes from the alcohol and the party atmosphere, not from the actual game. A game. It doesn’t even mean anything. Some grown men dress up, hit a ball, and run around. It doesn’t help the crime rate, the unemployment rate, or the educational system. Its fun recreation, but it does not help in any of the areas of society’s major ills. Not only that but some of the “celebrants” actually did criminal activities are reckless acts in their celebration. Revelers overturned and torched cars, fights broke out, and riot police had to restore order.

Not to be negative, but…external things will always let you down

Happiness that is dependent on external factors is illusory. It can make you feel like you really are happy, or it can make you feel like you ought to be happy. Either way, the reality sets in and sometimes you actually feel worse. Some people go to a party on New Year’s Eve, drink, laugh, and tell jokes with their friends, and then go home depressed. The expectation of joy can be depressing when you don’t really have anything specific to be joyful about. So you bought a new calendar. Big deal.

Physicality by its very nature is limited and temporary. So any emotions attached to it will be that way also. Our soul, the inner part of us, is connected to the Infinite and therefore brings us longer lasting joy, and true joy. Happiness must, has to, is imperative that it comes from the inside out, not from the outside in. “Happiness depends upon ourselves” as Aristotle once said.

It’s yours for the taking.

Ask yourself what you are thankful for. Notice the things in life that give you pleasure. Become a connoisseur of inner pleasure like a wine connoisseur is about wine. Every thing you need for happiness is already on the inside. Appreciation. Almost everything in your environment is giving you some kind of pleasure. All you need to do is focus your attention on it. It is human nature to focus on what we do not have. It takes a tiny bit of effort to focus on what we do have, which is a lot. Imagine you want to be a musician but can’t afford an instrument. Here’s a guy that can play his own beard…

which didn’t cost him a dime.

But seriously folks the Almighty really is providing you with many pleasures that go unnoticed every day like running water, electricity, indoor plumbing, friends, family, work etc. When you take the time to notice your pleasure, it will put you in a better mood.

Deeply imbedded in our psyche is the desire to cling to the Infinite. All the pleasures of this world, from a warm bath to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, are a tiny glimpse of the infinite pleasure that is on the other side of this life. By taking the time to focus our attention on it here, we are opening ourselves up to an infinite source of an infinite variety of pleasure.

It’s your inner appreciation that shows you how everything and everywhere are a source of some kind of pleasure. You’re not relying on what is outside, but what is inside.

While most people are waiting and hoping for happiness, you can access it right here and right now. No need to wait, no need to hesitate no more. It’s yours.