When you are down, problems seem larger than normal, and sometimes they seem insurmountable. casino kuwait That’s when it takes a large amount of self-resolve to get back up. Inside, we all have an endless reservoir of motivation to succeed and accomplish. It’s not easy, however, to access that supply when we need it the most. That supply of energy and resources is actually our soul, a piece of the Infinite that’s ingrained in the heart of our psyche. The month of MarCheshvan is related to the ability to get up after a ‘fall.? Therefore, it is also directly connected to the ability to tap into our reservoir of energy and motivation.

We all need this ability to rejuvenate our resources. As it says in Ecclesiastes 7:20, ‘For there is no man so wholly righteous on earth that does good and never makes a mistake. معني ديلر ‘ Everyone has ups and downs in spirituality. Even Abraham, Moses, King David and other well-known righteous people of our history made mistakes. spin palace casino The proof of their holiness lay in their ability to get up after the transgression. As it says in Proverbs 24:15, ‘A righteous person falls seven times, and gets up.’.

God is obviously the source of our endless supply of energy. Recognizing that fact is the first step to being able to tap into it. The awe of God’s power is not merely a thought that causes us to tremble in His presence, because He opens up a tiny bit of that power to us. When you stand in awe of a tornado there is only trembling, since it is a power completely outside of you. The power of the Almighty, however, is something that we can tap into because of our connection to Him. The stronger the connection you have, the more power you can tap into.

This month we can take advantage of this connection because the ‘floodgates’ are open. It says in the time of the flood of Noah that is this month the wellsprings were opened. Although the event of the flood was very negative, the Kabbalah says that the opening up of the wellsprings also has a positive interpretation. Now is the time to tap into those wellsprings. Now is the time to get up.

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