Madonna and Britney Spears

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It’s relatively easy for an average person like me to think about what’s meaningful in life.  Unencumbered by the complicated schedule of photo shoots, interviews, and rehearsals, the average person has time to think about life, and what it’s all about.  Unfettered by the ego inflation caused by the adoration of hundreds of thousands of fans, the average person has the humility to ask the questions that lead him/her to seek truth and meaning.

Therefore, when pop figures like Madonna and Britney Spears take the time and inclination to study Kabbalah, it is very impressive. موقع ون كارد الجديد   They could easily take their bank accounts and spend any free time they have flying to exotic resorts, eating at the most expensive restaurants and enjoying all the other pleasures of the physical realm.  With millions of viewers staring at your shoulder, eyebrows, and other parts of your body, you could easily get obsessed with your physical side.  It’s noteworthy that these two icons have taken an interest in a spiritual and meaningful pursuit.  They deserve to be praised for this.

Not only is it interesting that two pop idols are injecting their own lives with spirituality, but because they have taken an interest, many more are taking a look at Kabbalah also.  My website was featured on USAToday’s hot sites which read, “The Material Girl studies it. Now you can learn the basics of Jewish mysticism. اسس تكسس Take a peek at the beginners course, see popular topics, go on a mini-retreat. And of course, ask a rabbi.”  On that day and for a month afterward my site stats went through the roof.  Those hits were partly due to Madonna’s popularity.

So many people, who would have never even known the difference between a knish and Kabbalah, are now looking at websites and reading books on Jewish mysticism, and infusing their lives with thoughts of the Infinite. كازينو مباشر   Who knows how many of these lives will be enlightened permanently because of the introduction the pop queens have given them?  For this, as well, they deserve praise. Yet there remains an enigma.

What’s enigmatic about the relationship between these two celebrities and Kabbalah is that both use their physical attractiveness and powers of seduction to fuel their careers.  The holiness of the Kabbalistic ideas does not seem to have seeped into them to the point of saturation.  Of course Hollywood has no lack of temptresses, and in those circles its just being one of the crowd, but acting sexy and seductive to strangers is antithetical to numerous kabbalistic principles.