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I have been hearing a lot lately about the “lucky red string to be worn on your left wrist to protect you from evil and to also bring luck and harmony into your life …can you explain this concept or better yet validate it for me?

Peace to you and all.

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Dear K.R.

Although I don’t usually address Kabbalah type questions about things people hear in other places, (I try to be accountable only for what I teach) this red string thing has gotten a lot of publicity so I’ll give you my opinion.

There are parts of Kabbalah that deal with the physical realm in a specific way that border on “superstition”.  We don’t always know the reasoning for these things, which makes them somewhat mysterious.  There is a practice known in Israel which involved winding a red string around the gravesite of our holy foremother Rachel.  The string was then worn by people for a certain benefit.  It was not a general good luck charm.  It seems that the person who wound the string around the tomb had certain prayers in mind that had something to do with the power imbued in the string.

Can anyone wind a string around the tomb and have the same effect on the string? No.

Does red string you acquire from anyone anywhere have any effect whatsoever? No.

Can some people be selling the string just to make money? I wouldn’t doubt it.

If you believe in good luck charms are you violating a commandment in the Bible? Quite possibly.

I hope this was helpful,