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I want to know if Jewish people consider homosexuality a sin. I was Catholic but I have not gone to church for years because I am so unhappy with the Church as a whole and the teaching of hate for gay people goes against what I believe in my heart. The God I love does not care if you are gay or straight as long as you have love for mankind and are living a life filled with grateful observations and appreciation for all things living. I am just starting my journey towards conversion to Judaism and I am a lesbian.  I don’t want my son to think of me as evil or vile. الدومينو I am a good person and I just want to love the Lord and grow spiritually. Lately there is so much hate for gay people and Christians are so sure they are right and I wonder aloud and to myself .. تعليم كونكر If you are Christian then why would you waste so much precious time and energy hating gay people when you could be helping a single unwed Mom keep her baby or spending time with the elderly.

Thank you for you time I appreciate it very much.



Dear R.T.,

The answer to your email is not a simple one.  Being gay means different things to different people and the difficulty with the moral issues are many.

There is an obligation to love all humanity whether or not they commit an individual transgression. No one no matter who they are, has not transgressed, we do our best but we all make mistakes. مواقع تقبل paysafecard   No one should hate someone for being gay.

A male homosexual act is one of the transgressions stated in the Bible. It was a transgression before Christianity existed. Female homosexual acts are considered immoral but not in the same category.  Why G-d creates people with a desire to do a transgression is a long and deep subject, not for this email.

Someone who commits homosexual acts and can’t stop is not rejected by G-d. They are still loved by G-d, even though they are making a mistake.

All the best,