Kabbalah Made Easy Recommended Reading List

A number of people have asked that I send them a list of books to further their knowledge on the subject of Kabbalah. The essential way to learn Kabbalah is with a teacher not a book. The vast majority of texts are in Hebrew and even for someone fluent in Hebrew are extremely difficult to understand. (There are Kabbalah books that are out that are written by people that don’t really understand the subject, and others by people misrepresenting the subject.) Here’s a list of books that I recommend.

Kabbalah Made Easy Recommended Reading List:

“Meditation and the Bible” – By Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan:an explanatory text by a modern scholar.

“Innerspace” – transcripts from Rabbi Kaplan’s classes on Kabbalah

“Sefer Yetzira”(The Book of Creation) – One of the oldest Kabbalaistic texts. Attributed to Abraham. Translated and explained by Rabbi Kaplan

“The Bahir”– One of the oldest Kabbalalistic texts . Attributed to Rabbi Nehvnia ben Hakaneh of the Talmudic period. Translated by R. Kaplan

“The Light Beyond” – Translations of Chasidic quotes from the past couple hundred years Collected and translated by Aryeh Kaplan.

“Endless Light”– By Rabbi David Aaron is a popular teacher in Jerusalem. The book deals with spiritual growth. اين ذهب كريستيانو رونالدو

“The Infinite Chain” – By R.Natan Lopez-Cardozo is a popular lecturer in Jeruasalem. Philosophical Kabbalah

“Wisdom in the Hebrew Alphabet” – By R.Michael Munk: One of the best introductory Kabbalah books on the market. A kabbalistic look at the alphabet

By R. Moshe Chaim Luzzatto: “The Way of God” – By Rabbi Luzzatto lived three hundred years ago. He is one of the most famous kabbalists. العاب طاولة 31 A Kabbalistic philosophical understanding of all of reality and Judaism.

“Path of the Just” – By Rabbi Luzzatto a guide book for spiritual growth.

“The Knowing Heart”– By Rabbi Luzzatto a kabbalistic philosophical understanding of God

By R.Yaakov Hillel: “Faith and Folly” – modern viewpoints on amulets, palm reading, necromancy and other occult aspects of Kabbalah..

By R.Aaron Feldman: “The Juggler and the King” – a modern scholar’s kabbalistic understanding of various passages from the Talmud.

By R. Moshe Cordevero: “The Palm Tree of Devora”(Tomer Devora) a classic of Kabbalah.. How to use the attributes of God and the emanations of God for personal growth.

By R. Mattisyahu Glazerson: he has a long list of books all of which are interesting kabbalistic treatises on particular subjects.

Happy Reading,
Max Weiman