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Dear Rabbi Max,
I loved all your essays. Is there any book in English that gives us the Kabbalistic or in depth reason behind the mitzvot. I am having a hard time covering my hair and wearing long skirts all the time since I live in a warm climate. Thank you so much for your knowledge.



Dear Leah,
Thanks so much for your note. I have not yet seen an english book that gives mystical material on the mitzvot. I guess I’ll have to take that on one day. I imagine all the modesty laws are very difficult in a warm climate. Not merely because of the heat, but because everyone else is half naked. Think about which aspect makes it more difficult for you and you’ll learn something important about yourself. موقع رهان كرة القدم If everyone on the street was dressed modestly, would it still be difficult for you?

The modesty laws in general are related to a deep and all encompassing kabbalistic concept. العاب كازينو اون لاين That is, the elationship between the body and the soul. The structure of man in this world is a icotomy of body and soul. The real you is the soul, and clothing for the soul is the body The soul is naturally drawn towards spirituality/God, while the body is naturally drawn towards physicality. The body is not evil, but it represents the challenge we have in this world. Therefore, all the laws of modesty are a way for us to deemphasize the physical, thereby emphasizing the spiritual. تعليم البوكر

All the best,