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Dear Rabbi:
I for many years now have been thinking of converting from Catholic to Judism, my question to you is this. I hear the argument now in the media and from people in the workplace as well as friends “that organized religion is that I can be spiritual and not pigieon hole myself. I would value your opinion


Dear G.J.,

Thank you for your question.

There are several problems with the approach of being unconnected to a religion.

1. Its entirely possible that one of the religions is true. If you aren’t following it, you are doing the wrong thing.

2. Someone without a specific religion has no clear definition of right and wrong. How does he know if he is doing the right thing or not? Maybe abortion is o.k. maybe not. Maybe homosexuality is o.k. maybe not. The person without a religion has no way of knowing.

3. Religion provides community which is psychologically, emotionally, and physically, extremely important to every person.

Rabbi Max Weiman