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Dear Rabbi,

I am in the process of completing your web site course, therefore forgive me if the information I seek is contained on your web site.  I am interested in a practical approach to personally understanding (experiencing) the power of Kabbalah to balance my life for the good.  Do you have any exercises that may promote this end?   If meditation is the vehicle to achieve this end are there any specific techniques that will direct my spiritual growth?  I am a physician and seek this knowledge not just for myself but also for my patients so that I might provide them with physical and spiritual healing by example.


Dear Jon,

Thanks for your email.

There are many techniques for balancing your life for the good.  Meditation is very effective.  If done consistently and has both a prayer element and an introspective element it is very powerful.

There are some exercises I have in a book chapter on the soul I wrote that also can be very good. They are practical steps to get more in touch with your soul.

The simplest way is with Joy. Spend five minutes a day writing down the blessings you have, putting them in order of importance, categorizing them, and putting a price tag on them.  What are your eyes worth to you, ears. Etc. Once your done all that just review them for five minutes each day and fine tune or take them to the next level by thanking  God, or writing a short piece on why you appreciate a particular blessing.

This is a very powerful exercise.

The secret behind this exercise is appreciation.  When we are ungrateful people, less blessing come our way, and we tend to focus on the negative. Even if we are doing good, negative “karma” follows us around in different ways. When we focus on our blessings we are becoming grateful, which connects us to the Infinite Being and all the good energy in the universe.

Max Weiman

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