Alien Life

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Dear Rabbi,
I’m undergoing a spiritual search and most of the concepts that I know of the kabbalah are what seem to feel right… but there’s one concept that I don’t quite understand :

You say that the point of creation was just for man, and therefore he has more importance than all the rest of creation. and that Man is God’s most important and special creation and thereby the greatest expression of His will.

What would happen if they finally discovered intelligent life out in the universe that is NOT man? Is the word ‘man’ used largely as something to denote us as conscious beings, and not specificly humans, or would we just be still the focus of creation? لعبة طرنيب



Dear Sebastien,

Thanks for your question. Of course, the possibility exists for intelligent life “out in the universe”. But for some reason we haven’t found it yet. I venture to suggest if we would spend the time and money we might find intelligent life on Earth. ما هي لعبه However, intelligence is not equal to importance or spirituality. Animals have less intelligence, not No intelligence. Man is not God’s chosen being because of man’s intelligence, his intelligence is an indication of his chosenness.

Whatever you will find in the universe is irrelevant to the purpose and importance of mankind. The Torah says that Man, in the normal sense of the word is the one being with a moral challenge and spiritual bond with the Creator. cabaretclub There are a lot of amazing things in the universe God created. Whether they have less or more intelligence than man, they don’t have this relationship with God. This is our tradition.

All the best,
Rabbi Max Weiman