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Dear Rabbi Max,
I have recently been introduced to your site by a friend that I work with.
I am a recovering alcoholic/addict.
What is the kabbalistic view on redemption and recovery? ورقة اونو تبديل



Dear Bob,

I admire your ability to fight the forces that caused your addiction. The topic of correcting one’s flaws is at the very core of Judaism and Kabbalah. You might even say that it is the complete definition of our reality. The universe was created imperfect and we are here to perfect it. العاب قمار اون لاين Since that is the heart of the purpose of the universe as we know it, the theme of mistake and correction runs throughout all of the kabbalistic literature. Not only that but that theme is also part and parcel of the revealed Torah as well. مكان يورو 2022 All the greats of our people, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, King David, King Solomon, etc., made mistakes ; and the Torah points out those mistakes in glaring detail. Our greatest leaders were still merely human beings; and they made mistakes. The test of greatness lies in the ability to get back up after the fall. As it says in the Talmud, “A righteous man falls seven times, and gets back up.”

Wishing you continued success,
Rabbi Max

P .S.
Thank your friend for me for passing along the site.