After the Messiah comes

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After the Messiah comes, will the World continue beyond the year 6000.

Does the Messiah bring the World to Come, or is he just part of this World, and the World still ends in the year 6000. And if the World still ends in the year 6000, that gives very little time to enjoy the third Temple, and for the Jewish people to perfect themselves
living as Jews in the holy land. Thank you in advance for your answers and comments.


Dear George,

Thanks for your questions.

According to our tradition the Messiah is part of the rectification of the world that takes place before the year 6000. Then there is a thousand year period of “desolation” and then the next world, “olam haba”.

The Messiah brings about world rectification, i. ألعاب اون لاين لربح المال e. Israelites back to Israel and observance of the commmandments. He doesn’t cause the World to Come; he’s just part of the process leading up to it. العاب كازينو اون لاين He’ll end along with the world at 6000.

I agree there may be a very short time period of the Messianic times. But it all depends on your perspective.

Right now we are witnessing the beginnings. The world is focussed on the nation of Israel, and the land of Israel is a thriving entity, with about a third of the nation living there. Once there is 51% of the nation living there, the Torah commandments relevant to the land become obligatory  once again.

The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. عدد بطولات مانشستر سيتي It’s an exciting thing to watch.

We wish the Messiah would come today, but we can’t complain if he gets here at the last minute; we are the ones who delayed his arrival.

All the best,