What is Kabbalah?

Kabbalah is Jewish mysticism. It has many aspects and has been around as long as there have been people in existence.

What makes a type of wisdom “Kabbalah”?

1. God taught Moses things He wanted written down. That’s the Written
Tradition, or the Bible. God also taught Moses things He wanted to
remain an Oral Tradition. Most of this is contained in the Talmud.
Kabbalah is a piece of the Oral Tradition.
2. The Bible and Jewish Law teach man how to relate to God. The
Kabbalah teaches us how God relates to us. It’s a description of the
spiritual underpinnings of the universe.

Isn’t Kabbalah a secret doctrine that is only taught to special initiates into the fold?

Even though much of this wisdom is kept among those that are on the level to understand and use it properly, there is an incredible amount that is open to the masses. Many people can gain tremendous insights and improve their lives and connection to the Infinite Being.

You should now read the “Beginners Course” in Kabbalah.

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