Ten Tips on Happiness

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1. Your soul contains a source of infinite happiness.

2. If you knew how much the Infinite Being loved you, you’d be deliriously ecstatic.

3. Happiness is not a goal; it is a means to living your life with more pleasure.

4. One of the greatest causes of a feeling of well being is to live in harmony with your inner convictions.

5. Comfort is not a source of happiness, but discomfort can distract you from happiness.

6. The Prophets could prophesy while in a good mood.  Happiness is a prerequisite for enlightenment.

7. Every major problem you encounter was specifically designed for your spiritual growth.

8. God created taste buds, and also sweet things, for your pleasure.  He wants you to enjoy life.

9. Children are naturally happy; misery must be learned.

10. Right now there’s somebody somewhere who truly believes that if they only had something that you have, they’d be happy.     Appreciate what you have.